Sunday, September 12, 2010

Congratulations Andy and Rebecca!

Every other year, the "New York Mullens" (as we have come to be known), have a family get-together called a Mullenium where we eat, drink, recreate and conversate for almost a full week. A Mullenium is officially defined as "a time of great happiness and human perfection." Well, this year my son, Andy, took that definition to a new level. Right in the middle of Mullenium X, he hiked to the top of Mt. Chocorua in New Hampshire and proposed to his girlfriend, Rebecca Slovak, under the stars. With the karma of the Mullenium swirling around them, how could Rebecca refuse? They're in the process of planning a late 2011 wedding.

Congratulations Andy & Rebecca!

Pop Pop or Grandpa?

That's the decision that I'll have to make sometime around January 10, 2011, the date that my daughter, Sara Sankowich, is expected to give birth. Yep, Sara is pregnant!! My sister, Karen, already knows what it feels like to be a grandparent, but this will be a brand new experience for me. Here's a recent sonogram of the latest bud on the Mullen Family Tree:

Sara is in her 5th month and doing very well. At this point, she has no idea whether it's a boy or a girl, and isn't going to go out of her way to find out. Stay tuned ....