Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mills

Per an announcement earlier in this blog, Patrick Mills (my fourth cousin) and Lisa Gerrard were married in Cuba on January 3rd. Below is an email from Patrick and Lisa to the entire family:

Dear all,

Apologies for the delay in sending this out: it took us quite a while to recover from the return journey. Jetlag, colds, and a general sense of disbelief that we were no longer on a Caribbean island, but were in fact back in Colchester, all delayed our ability to 'get on with everything' again!

First of all, thank you so much for all your best wishes, lovely cards and general support. We attach one photo as a teaser, and if you'd like to see more (be warned, there are quite a few!), click this link.

Just to make sense of the photos: as you may know we got married in Havana, Cuba, on 3rd January. All the important things went well, and many unimportant things did not go so well - which was amusing - at least we can laugh about them now!

Eg a mini hurricane on the big day meant we couldn't marry on the roof terrace of the hotel as planned, so the ceremony took place in a rather small room inside the hotel. And although we asked for a band with the style of the Buena Vista Social Club, we in fact ended up with the Mala Vista Social Club...The music was more suited to a sombre memorial service, and the band was rather visually challenged, as is hinted at in the album photos. But we can laugh now....

Everything else was brilliant! Havana has got to be the cooolest city on earth, without even trying. The people are fantastic and whatever you may read in the media - their brand of socialism has produced a better standard of living compared with most of Latin America. The latino jazz bands in the bars were sublime, the ex-mafia hotels were straight out of the Godfather II, and haven't changed since 1959. Neither had the cars, which we both drooled over. Witness, for example, the photo of the 1959 pink cadillac taxi that we casually hailed in the street, for around £7, including a prolonged photo session.

Needless to say, the cocktails were refreshing, and lethal - while the cigars were just lethal - naturally, we had to include some shots of all of us with them to make this 'Our Big Fat Cuban Cigar Wedding'.

We're desperate to return to Cuba - a truly fascinating, funky, romantic country with a big heart!

Best wishes
Lisa & Patrick
Congratulations Patrick and Lisa, and best of luck to both of you from the entire extended Mullen Family!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thomas Ruane: January 16, 2012

Tom with his sister, Evelyn: 2005

It is with sadness that I report the passing of Thomas Ruane, who died peacefully in the Mayo General Hospital on January 16, 2012. I had the good fortune to meet and talk with Tom on my visits to Ireland in the last decade. When I last saw Tom in 2008, he was too ill to attend the Mullen Family Reunion in Ballina. Marilynn and I visited him in the hospital, though, and he was in great spirits and eager to be released. We had an excellent visit with him and his sons. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Click on the image below to read his obituary:

Below are a few additional photographs of Tom surrounded by various members of his extended family:

Standing: Martin Ruane, Gerald Ruane, Daniel Ruane, Patrick RuaneSeated: Mary Coleman, Thomas Ruane, John Ruane, Evelyn Moyles

Standing: Tom Ruane, Gerald Ruane, Dimi Catechis, Martin Ruane;
Seated: Patricia Ruane, Mary Coleman, Mary Ruane Catechis, Evelyn Moyles

1992: Tom Ruane, Joe Mullen,
Tom Ruane (son), Bridie Ruane (wife)

Welcome to the Family, Laura Davies!

I received this good news in an email from Máire and John Davies on December 24, 2011:
"Just to let you know the latest twig on the family tree: our new granddaughter, Laura, was born on December 21st, to our son Tom, and his partner Jenny [Lennox]. She weighed 7 lb 13 oz and is lovely. I'll send you a picture via text message, as I haven't got one handy on the computer yet."
In case you forgot, babies grow incredibly fast! Here's another photo of Laura about a month later, already destined to be a fan of the O's.

Congratulations Tom and Jenny! Looking forward to the day when I meet my new fifth cousin in person!

Tom & Laura