Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Great News from Patrick Mills!

Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Mills

What follows is an email that I received this morning from Patrick Mills or, as he's known in Wikipedia, Pat Mills. Either way, he's my fourth cousin!

At any rate, on to Patrick's email:

Hello, everyone,

Please forgive the general e-mail, but the problem with us freelances is we never seem to have enough time. It's to let you know Lisa and I are getting married - in Cuba! We're there from December 21 to mid January and getting married on Jan 3.

Why Cuba? Well, it's partly the leftie in us, partly curiosity, partly the sunshine, but mainly the Romance! Plus I've got to put to good use all those salsa lessons I've been having to sort out my two left feet. Plus Lisa has lived in South America, so she's into Latin culture. But it's not for the cigars - although I've been taking orders from my friends who are aficionados. So let me know if you are and I'll get you some.

Gosh, it's only taken me two decades to find someone! And all is going according to plan, thanks to Lisa's brilliant organisational skills. So thought I should let everyone in the family know. (I don't want to say anything on Facebook because that's really for my work) Hope you're all well, life's treating you good, and you have a super Christmas and a brilliant New Year! Right - I'd better get back to my salsa practise.

All the very best,

Congratulations Patrick and Lisa! Is there a Comic-Con convention coming to the New York area in the near future, Patrick? That might be the perfect time to hook up again with some of your American cousins and introduce us to Lisa at the same time!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sara Sankowich ... TV Star!

For whatever reason, I have a tough time describing exactly what my three kids do for a living. Dave has a semi-secret government defense job, Andy's job as a computer engineer at AMD is virtually impossible to discuss unless you know the value of π to the 35th digit, and Sara works as a System Arborist at Unitil, an energy company in New Hampshire.

Well, as luck would have it, a television program called "The New Hampshire Chronicle" (broadcast weeknights on WMUR out of Manchester, NH) recently featured Sara and the job she performs in one of their segments. Click here (or on the TV screen above) to view that segment. It will give you a good idea of the importance of Sara's job in safeguarding the New Hampshire power grid. Lord knows how long this link will remain available, so don't delay!!

"The Tree Whisperer"